2019 CNCIC Global Specialty Fertilizer Convention
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Host Organizer: China National Chemical Information Center (CNCIC)

Co-organizer: China National Fertilizer Information Center (CNFIC)


Conference Time

Conference Time: June 20-21, 2019 (Registration from 14:00, June 19)

Exhibition Time: June 20-21, 2019 (Registration from 14:00, June 19)

Conference Venue

Hyatt Regency Wangjing, Beijing

No. 8, Guangshun South Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing


Conference Theme   

Reduction of fertilizer utilization and improve fertilizer efficiency, special agricultural services, technical docking, trade cooperation


Convention Opening and Comprehensive Forum

Convention opening and opening remarks

Interpretation of Chinese Agriculture and Fertilizer Policy

The influence of agricultural planting structure adjustment on fertilizer demand

Trend of global fertilizer industry development

Typical national fertilizer management (Western Europe, USA, Israel, India)

Chinese fertilizer transformation and innovation

Report of Chinese Special Fertilizer Development


The 4th Global Specialty Fertilizer Summit

Development and application of biostimulates

Functional microbes and crop health

Soil improvement and high quality and yield for crops

Industry development of medium and trace element

Process technology and additives of special fertilizer

Prospects for bio-agriculture

Intelligent agriculture of internet of things and big data



The 10th China International Water-Soluble Fertilizer Conference & Exhibition

Research and innovation of water soluble fertilizer formula

Market status and marketing experience sharing of water soluble fertilizer

Integration of irrigation and fertilizer agriculture facility

Supply trend of water soluble fertilizer raw material

Functional composite water soluble fertilizer

Demand of product segment market (including crop, region and high-end crops, etc.)

Large-scale planter's whole crop nutrition solution

Water Soluble Conference 10 Years Contribution Award Released


The 12th International Slow/Controlled Release Fertilizer Industry Development Forum

Development status and future trends of slow/controlled release fertilizers at inland and abroad

Progress in research and development of coating materials

Enterprise Development and Product Innovation

Application effect of slow/controlled release fertilizer in crops and horticultural crops

Industry development of Stability fertilizer

Innovation application of value-added fertilizer


New products, new technology releases and exhibitions




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