Controlled release fertilizer outlook in China
Release_time:2021-01-13 09:32:06 Source:original

Due to its merits such as labor-saving and improving crop quality and yield, controlled release fertilizer is estimated to be more widely used in China as the Chinese government attaches great importance to environmental protection, the policy of negative growth in chemical fertilizer use is implemented and the labor force in rural areas declines.

The application of controlled release fertilizer in corn, rice and wheat has proved to be a huge success, while the fertilizer needs to be further promoted and applied in cash crops such as garlic, ginger, dendrobium, blueberry, strawberry, sugarcane, grape, citrus, eucalyptus, pineapple and mango.

Controlled release fertilizer is especially suitable for farming areas with high temperature and large amounts of precipitation, crops that need large amount of labor input, and cash crops on slopes in mountainous areas where fertilizer nutrients are easily lost and fertilization is inconvenient.

To seize more market share, controlled release fertilizer enterprises shall provide customized nutrition schemes to various crops and constantly adjust and improve their products’ formula and release period combination.