Market Research Report of Water-Soluble Raw Materials in China
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 The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued the action plan on “Zero Growth of Fertilizer Use by 2020” in 2015 to increase the utilization rate of chemical fertilizers and explore ways for modern agricultural development. The Chinese government endeavors to optimize the fertilizer structure and accelerate the promotion of water–soluble fertilizer and other new fertilizers like slow-release fertilizer and bio-fertilizer. Also, fertigation, an efficient water-saving irrigation technology, is vigorously promoted in recent years.


Water soluble fertilizers (WSFs) meet the needs of water conservation and efficient agriculture in China, they therefore have broad development prospects. Water soluble raw material is one of the important factors that restrict the rapid development of water-soluble fertilizer. CNCIC specially released the Market Research Report of Water-Soluble Raw Material.


We select 6 very popular water-soluble raw materials and conduct in-depth market research. For each one, we will provide a report with the following outline of the report:


             Water-soluble Nitrogen Group:

       Report 1 – Urea

       Report 2 – CAN

    Water-soluble Phosphorus Group:

       Report 3 – WS-MAP

       Report 4 – APP

       Water-soluble Potassium Group:

       Report 5 – NOP

       Report 6 – MKP


Outline of the report

    1.    Overview of target raw material market

    a)     History and development of target raw material market (2015-2019)

    b)     Existing challenges


    2.    Production Technology

    a)     Current major production processes

    b)     Technology comparison

    c)      Advances in new technology


    3.    Production in China

    a)     Production status quo 2019

    b)     Manufacturers

    c)      New and proposed projects

    d)     Analysis and forecast 2020-2024

    e)     Business mode analysis


    4.    Import & Export in China

    a)     Import/export status quo

    b)     Details about imports and exports in 2019

    -       Export customhouses, destinations of exports, export trade, modes

    -       Exporting areas, major export traders


    5.    Status quo and forecast of consumption in China

    a)      Consumption status quo

    b)     Consumption forecast 2020-2024


    6.    Upstream and downstream analysis

    a)      Upstream raw material analysis

    b)     Analysis of upstream raw material prices

    c)      Downstream products


    7.    Analysis and forecast of price

    a)      Historical price review

    -       Analysis of domestic prices

    -       Price analysis by region

    -       Analysis of export prices

   -       International prices

    b)     Price forecast


    8.    Supply and demand balance analysis and forecast

    a)     Supply and demand balance forecast 2020-2024

    b)     Drivers and barriers (Technology, Regulation, Competition, Downstream Market, etc.)

    c)      Future opportunities and challenges to fertilizer companies in China




Pre-order instruction:

This report will be published in Early March 2020 and a 10% discount will be offered if you subscribe before 20 December 2019.


Each report: 5,000 USD

Two reports or up: 20% off

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