2021 CNCIC Global Specialty Fertilizer Convention
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2021 CNCIC Global Specialty Fertilizer Convention

The year 2021 is the beginning year of the 14th Five-Year Plan period and the beginning of China’s new journey to build a modern socialist country in all respects. After experiencing an extraordinary year in 2020, it is crucial for the nation to make a good first step and initiate a new journey at a new starting point. China has scored a “complete victory” in eradicating absolute poverty in 2021. The No. 1 document of the CPC Central Committee in 2021 once again emphasized the importance of comprehensively promoting rural revitalization and speeding up the modernization of agriculture and rural areas. Among many goals, the construction of 100 million mu (6.67 million hectares) of high-standard farmland and the creation of 500 modernized agricultural demonstration areas are the top priorities in the country’s agricultural sector. How to guarantee food security, increase grain yield, and further reduce fertilizer use and increase efficiency in the era of regular epidemic prevention and control is still baffling China’s fertilizer industry. Specialty fertilizers continue to be favored by industry participants and farmers as they can help reduce fertilizer use, enhance fertilizer efficiency and increase grain yield.

To this end, China National Chemical Information Center will hold the 2021 CNCIC Global Specialty Fertilizer Convention (SFC Global 2021) in Guilin, Guangxi on July 15-16, 2021 (check-in in the afternoon of July 14).

SFC Global 2021 will include four parallel theme conferences and exhibitions, namely, the 6th Global Specialty Fertilizer Hot Spot Summit (SFS 2021), the 12th China International Water-soluble Fertilizer Conference & Exhibition (WSF 2021), the 14th International Slow/Controlled Release Fertilizer Industry Development Forum (SCRF 2021) and the 1st Seminar on Sustainable Planting and Development of Cash Crops in Southwest China (SPDC 2021). This year's convention will maintain the characteristics of the 2020 convention held in Tai’an -- vertical extension of marketing channels, continuous emphasis on the end-use market, and improvement of agrochemical services. Focusing on "technological innovation, quality upgrading, product application, marketing and promotion", the CNCIC SFC Global 2021 aims to improve the technological innovation in global specialty fertilizer sector, share R&D findings, exchange application experience, promote global trade, and boost innovation and development.

By joining this conference, you will learn about the cutting-edge specialty fertilizer production technologies and promotion & application experience, meet high quality specialty fertilizer raw material suppliers at home and abroad, and get to know the production experience of leading fertilizer enterprises in different regions, etc. Scientific research institutes, fertilizer manufacturers, traders, suppliers of raw materials and equipment, financial and securities institutions, distributors and growers that are concerned about the development of the specialty fertilizer sector are welcome to attend the convention and share their experience.

We believe that the 2021 CNCIC Global Specialty Fertilizer Convention will be a grand event in specialty fertilizer industry, and you will benefit a lot from it... (See the appendix for details).




2021 CNCIC Global Specialty Fertilizer Convention

Conference Sponsor/Organizer

Sponsored by: China National Chemical Information Centre (CNCIC)

Organized by: China National Fertilizer Information Centre


Conference Dates

Convening date: 15-16 July, 2021(Registration starts at 14:00 on July 14)

Exhibition date: 15-16 July, 2021(Registration starts at 14:00 on July 14)


Conference Venue

Venue: Guangxi Guilin International Conference & Exhibition Center

Address: 22 Lijiang Road, Qixing District, Guilin City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region


Conference Themes

Technological innovation, quality upgrading, product application, marketing and promotion


Policy Interpretation

  • Impact of the planting policy during the 14th FYP period on fertilizer demand

  • Soil remediation and development of high standard farmland

  • Finding direction of chemical fertilizer industry transformation and upgrading to achieve high-quality development

  • Digital agriculture helps efficient management of modern agricultural demonstration zones

Frontier Technology

  • Application of biotechnology in specialty fertilizer

  • R&D and promotion of fertilizer additives

Product Innovation

  • Coordinated development of microorganism and fertilizer

  • Biostimulant -- A new darling in fertilizer industry that must be taken seriously

  • New developments in functional water soluble fertilizer sector

Technical Services

  • Sustainable planting and development of cash crops in Southwest China

  • Agricultural technology service display for distributors and large growers 

Marketing Strategy

  • How can specialty fertilizer sector flourish in post-epidemic era

  • Efficient specialty fertilizer marketing techniques as epidemic prevention and control becomes a new normal

Business Opportunities

  • 100+ specialty fertilizer manufacturers

  • 100+ Provincial, city and county level agricultural material distributors

Enterprises’ new products, new technology release and exhibition/display

Conference Contact

Sponsor Cooperation: 

Leo Li  +86-13810685605  lihui@cncic.cn

Conference Registration:

Xue Lian   +8613552182971  xuel@cncic.cn

Hu Tianyi  +86-18611575518  huty@cicic.cn

Li Dandan +86-13810403585  lidd@cncic.cn

Conference Report:

Chen Li  +86-13683261410  chenli@cncic.cn

Qiu Jing  +86-18510068812  qiuj@cncic.cn